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Kit consisting of 2 articles:

1 – TOPPIK PERFECTING TOOL KIT: Toppik Fiberhold Spray (gas lacq lick) 50ml, Spray Applicator (dispenser), Toppik Hairline Optimizer (Front Plick)

1- Toppik Regular 12gr BLACK (Black)

This kit contains essential accessories to optimize the application and sealing of Toppik Hair Building Fibers keratin microfibres. For a natural look we recommend the use of the Spray Applicator dispenser combined with the Optimizer comb that allow a better distribution of keratin fibers. The specific fixer Fiberhold Spray is used to fix and shine the keratin fibers.

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Complete kit with everything you need to use Toppik keratin fibers:

– Spray dispenser

– Front combs

– 50ml fixer

– Toppik size 12gr black

To apply to topling fibers as per the textbook.

Suitable for first-time purchase of Toppik keratin fibers and want a kit with everything you need for proper application.

Great for applying fibers in the front or beard area.

Step 1: Apply Toppik fibers on dry hair. Mount the spray dispenser on the Toppik bottle.

Step 2: Use front combs to apply the fibers in the frontal area.

Step 3: Fix with specific fixer.

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